Most of us consider tongue-tie as a circumstance we find ourselves in when we are too thrilled to speak. Really, tongue-tie is the non-medical term for a fairly usual physical condition that restricts using the tongue, ankyloglossia.

In the months before we are born, a sturdy cord of cells that guides development of mouth structures is placed in the center of the mouth. It is called a frenulum. After birth, the lingual frenulum continues to lead the position of inbound teeth. As we get older, it recedes and thins. This frenulum shows up and can be felt if you look in the mirror under your tongue. In some children, the frenulum is especially tight or fails to recede and might trigger tongue mobility issues.

The tongue is one of the most essential muscles for speech and ingesting. For this reason having tongue-tie can cause consuming or speech issues, which might be severe in some people.