Kids And Allergies

Does your kid suffer from allergies? Allergies of all kinds can cause numerous ear, nose, and throat problems in children, but what allergies actually cause can be tough to separate from other causes. Here is some helpful information how allergens could be influencing your child.

Kids with nasal allergies commonly have a history of other sensitive tendencies. These could include food allergies that are seen early in childhood or atopic dermatitis in infancy. Kids with nasal allergies are at greater risk for establishing asthma.

Nasal allergies can trigger sneezing, itching, nasal rubbing, nasal blockage, and draining from the nose. Generally, reactions to allergens (i.e. allergies) are not the primary source of these symptoms in children under 4 years old. In sensitive kids, these signs are triggered by exposure to allergens (mainly pollens, dust, mold, and dander). Determining which season impacts your child the most or which season you see the biggest impact could be vital hints to share with Dr. Steven Peskind. Do not let the next allergy season go by without seeking help, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Peskind.