Hearing Loss

It is estimated that over 28 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. The onset of hearing loss may develop very subtly. Many are not aware of hearing loss until a family member or friend expresses concern. Recognizing hearing loss is the first step toward treatment. A hearing test can easily identify the amount and type of hearing loss.

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Hearing Self-Check

Rating: Always (3), Sometimes (2), Rarely (1)
I have difficulty hearing/listening in a restaurant with relatives or friends:321
I have difficulty listening to TV or radio:321
I have difficulty hearing/listening at work:321
Family members or loved ones complain I can't hear them when they talk to me:321
I ask people to repeat/rephrase: 321

If you consistently answered 2 or above on the questions above, contact us at Enhanced Hearing 972-596-3973 to schedule a hearing evaluation and learn how easy it is to improve your hearing.