Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices aid the patient in a variety of listening situations.

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Patients with hearing aids may still struggle to hear in difficult listening environments. Assistive technology provides further help in a variety of situations such as restaurants, auditoriums and large group gatherings.

SmartAlert Assistive Devices offered by Enhanced Hearing and Dr. Steven PeskindOften the telephone can be troublesome. While some hearing aids stream calls directly from cell phones, others require use of Bluetooth phone hub. Amplified and caption phones are available to patients with hearing loss. The Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program (STAP) offers monetary assistance to Texas Residents with hearing loss for many telephone devices.

Patients with hearing loss may also need alerting systems for the alarm clock, doorbell, smoke detector and other devices around the home. We offer a myriad of assistive devices and can help you choose which is right for your personal needs.

TV Adapter Assistive Listening Device offered by Enhanced Hearing and Dr. Steven PeskindAnother major source of difficulty that patients often report is hearing the television well. Today’s assistive technology offers amazing options for listening to the tv with less effort and more enjoyment for all those involved.

PocketTalker Assistive Listening Device offered by Enhanced Hearing and Dr. Steven PeskindThere are some instances where hearing instruments are not appropriate due to medical, cognitive or physiologic issues. In these instances a patient may need a personal amplification device which uses a headset and small microphone and allows the wearer to communicate with greater ease.