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Steven Peskind MD small pic - Ear Nose Throat Allergy Doctor

Steven Peskind, M.D., F.A.A.O.A.

Dallas Fort Worth Otolaryngology (ENT) – Peskind, Steven MD
Published by DFW Child May 2017

Mom-Approved Pediatric Otolaryngology - Steven Peskind MD I have been a solo practice ENT in Plano for over 20 years focusing on problems of the ear, nose, throat and sinuses for children and adults. I truly enjoy taking care of children, acknowledging I am taking care of both the child and their parents. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction in my daily work than to have a baby or child who intuitively knows they are sick let me take care of them, and then share in their improved health with their family.

Mom-Approved Reader Comments

pediatric otolaryngology - Steven Peskind, mdHe has a great bedside manner. My son likes him better than his PCP. He made up songs about him. He also finally diagnosed my son’s sleep apnea and performed the surgery to remove his adenoids and place tubes in his ears. He was recommended by our grandmother who also loved him. The staff was friendly and I never had a long wait.
-Ronda, Dallas